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Recommended tyres?

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by helpimcrap, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Tefal

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: Jun 30, 2007

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    Location: Wales

    Ooo I've just replaced the rear road 5 with a new one and the front is about to be at the limit too.

    Road 5 this time then might change the pair to gts next time.

    What's the feeling with the gt2s especially if you've tried road 5s?

    I was very happy with the gt 1 but the road 5 are a lot better in corners.

    Curious how the gt2 stand up
  2. ShakenNstirred


    Joined: Jun 5, 2003

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    Location: sawley/ long eaton

    Michelin Road 4 or 5's
  3. Sin_Chase


    Joined: Jan 13, 2004

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  4. rs155


    Joined: Apr 7, 2014

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    Location: Dudley West Mids

    I have got s22's on my bike and i have found them to be a great tyre.
  5. helpimcrap


    Joined: Jan 13, 2004

    Posts: 12,345

    Location: Leicestershire

    Going with Michelin Pilot Powers. Mates had them, dirt cheap for the money and grippy and last ok. Mate doesn't hang about on a bike, commutes in all weathers on them and seen reviews where people track day on them. Sounds the sort of tyre I'm after.
  6. Draeger


    Joined: Feb 4, 2004

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    Location: Falkirk, Scotland

    Pilot Road 5's all the way. I am a long term user of Michelin Pilot Powers and thought they couldn't be beat. Until I tried the Road 5's. Utterly incredible tyres. They just 'work' and do what they should with spades of feedback and feel. Decent price too.
  7. InvaderGIR


    Joined: Jul 14, 2005

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    Location: Bristol

    Thought I'd bump this as it's looking like I'm going to need to replace my rear in the near-ish future.

    I currently have Battlax BT016 fitted which seem to be be fine in the varying cold and wet weather we've been having but the rear looks to be getting close to the wear marker so I'd like to at least look at options before it is completely done.
    The front was replaced when I bought the bike ~700 miles ago and is also Battlax BT016, again, seems fine and being so new seems silly to replace but, if it's best to match front and rear compounds then I'll do that.

    So yeah, Pilot Road 5s or stick with what I have?

    Wise Guy

    Joined: May 3, 2012

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    Up to you really, if it were me I'd probably go with the matching rear this time and then replace both next time with road 5's.
  9. InvaderGIR


    Joined: Jul 14, 2005

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    Location: Bristol

    I was thinking that's probably the most sensible / cheaper option. I'm not actually sure I can get Road 5s in my size (only did a quick google and I don't know the size I need... :p ) so sticking with the BT016 seems like a good idea for now.