Renegade X - Offici.... Thread (INDIE)

8 Sep 2006
On Ocuk

We've recently been reviewing our project and how far we have gotten. We began development of Renegade X years ago, when most of us were still in highschool. The team and the project have come a long way, and as we've matured, so has our vision for Renegade X. During the UT3 beta phase, we were strictly a remake mod of Command & Conquer Renegade, and we were very conservative with changes that would effect gameplay. From that perspective, the UT3 betas succeeded, because we kept true to the original game, remaking its maps, the vast majority of its ratios, and slipping only a few new things in between.

With the UDK, we see a glowing opportunity to bring Renegade X to its climax. Over the summer, we've written a new Game Design Document and began executing our new vision for the project - we want Renegade X to be less of a remake, and more of a spiritual successor to Westwood's classic in 2002. Renegade X will still be the Command & Conquer FPS everyone knows and loves, but brought to the modern day. Some innovations have been inspired by other contemporary FPS games, while others have always existed within the team and community, and it is only now that we are bringing these things to life. We want to emphasize the "X" in Renegade X.

Other changes are not necessarily gameplay oriented - our visual, audio, and animation work is constantly evolving.

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