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9 Feb 2007
I recently purchased an ASUS mobo, tuniq tower and an e6400 from OCUK but, after less than a days use, it refused to work.

The sytem froze at first, totally. I had to remove the power to shut it down. When I reapplied power it sounded like it was starting correctly but there were no beeps, no POST, and my monitor was lifeless proclaiming "no signal". There was also a smell of burning coming from around the processor area.

The fault does not lie with the gfx card, RAM, HDD or PSU as I have tried them all in a a spare system I have which works well.

The CPU was seated properly, adequately cooled by the tuniq and everything was at stock speed so I don't know what happened or why?

I do not have the capability to check the CPU works as I do not have another mobo to try it on. And obviously the same can be said for the mobo in that I don't have another cpu to try in it.

So now I am in a dilemma because I can't test the mobo and cpu to RMA them and I really, really don't know what else to do?

I have £250 worth of stuff that I can't use.

Please help? :(
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