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RULES - Read this before posting in PC Games

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by fiveub, 3 Jun 2011.

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  1. fiveub


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    Starting a thread to gather interest in purchasing 4 pack steam game deals.

    While it is great to save a couple of ££, it does break forum rules regarding buying and selling outside the MM. If you want to gather interest from fellow members then you will need to start a 'wanted thread' in the Members Market.

    If you do not have MM access yet, then please read the FAQ. We have adjusted the MM rules slightly to allow the selling of steam games as long as they are not tied to your account.

    Please remember that Steam accounts cannot be sold!

    Anyone who breaks these rules will have their thread closed and will be suspended.


    OcUK does not allow or condone talk of emulation, due to a number of reasons:

    1. ROMS are for the most part illegal (or at LEAST in a gray area), this is due to a number of factors. While your Sega Mega Drive (Genesis if you're from outside of Europe) games may not seem able to turn a profit, remember that Sega are themselves still selling the games (therefore making profit, therefore not happy if you don't buy their products and download them). Examples including xbox arcade games, and the Sega Collections.

    2. Emulators (the pieces of software required to play the games). Firstly, some require console bios' to function. To get that legally you'd have to dump your OWN console bios, which let's face it, 99.9 percent of people aren't going to do. And then in Europe (thanks to our slightly different laws on copyright compared to the US) it's a gray area. Secondly, some emulation is becoming copyrighted (Nintendo are themselves copy-writing emulators). Don't believe how they feel and think we're making it up? Read HERE: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/legal.jsp#roms

    I personally know of shops who've been legally threatened because they've IMPORTED games to sell, let alone dealing with emulation. I also know of someone else who has been sued because of selling something to help play homebrew games.

    OcUK's stance shall not change on this unless the law does. Please cease any discussion of Emulation, whether this is emulation of a 'modern' console such as a PS2, or an older console such as a Master System.

    This sticky will be updated with more links soon, but for now consider this a warning. *NOTE* This also includes fan made remakes. Unless they've the blessing of the original developer.


    1. Amazon and places like these etailers/retailers are fine to talk about but please do *NOT* discuss our core business products or link to them such as motherboards, cpus, mice etc.

    2. Digital Distribution services are ok to talk about.

    3. Retailers and Etailers that only focus on pc hardware are *NOT* to be discussed or linked to.

    4. Anyone caught promoting pc hardware on these forums will face warnings and if continued persistence entails then a possible ban will ensue.

    Thank you to SkeeterUk for the wording.

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Thread Status:
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