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RX 6800XT Pereformance Benchmarks

12 May 2014
Someone over on reddit compiled a graph showing game performance at 1440p between the 6800xt and 3080 on a game by game basis with the age of the game plotted on the x-axis.


bright green - game was benchmarked by 4 or more outlets
dark green - 3 outlets
brown - 2 outlets
red - 1 outlet

Outlets used: Gamers Nexus, TechPowerUp, Guru3D, Hardware Unboxed, Hexus, OC3D, KitGuru, Linus Tech Tips, Bitwit, Computerbase, Hardware Canucks, Hot Hardware, Igor's Lab, Paul's Hardware, PC Perspective, Tweaktown, Tom's Hardware.


The user has compiled results from multiple outlets and averaged them out to get the relative performance difference. If i can muster up the motiviation I may replot it with error bars.

The blue line is useless so ignore it.

It does seem like the newer gamers are more favourable towards AMD. However we do have some that fall flat on their face due to driver issues. I think cryengine is currently having issues with RDNA 2 cards.

As you can see depending on which games a person cherrypicks for their aggregated results it is possible to hand a win to either of these cards.

It won't make a dent on Nvidias PR trolling but i can try. ;)
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