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Ryzen 7 2700x temperatures

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Double07, May 31, 2019.

  1. Double07

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    Just installed a R7 2700x, previously had a R5 2600, and have a question about the CPU temperatures if anyone can shed any light on it.

    The CPU temp seems to jump a lot, even when idle, from like 37-47 every few seconds. The clocks are changing as well during this time so I am guessing it's to do with that. This didn't seem to be the case with my 2600, it would just stay around the same temps until I started to actually use it for something other than browsing.

    Now I expect the temperatures to be higher given it's a more power hungry chip, but is this normal in anyone else's experience? I am thinking I may not have got a great contact on the heatsink and that could be causing the fluctuations, but before I rip everything out and reinstall it from scratch I just wanted to see if this is normal or what.

    I ran cinebench a few times and it didnt go above 70 degrees so it's not like it's cooking but the big jumps are just something I hadnt experienced on my previous CPU.

    Also what sort of idle temperatures are people getting on this with the basic stock cooler or similar?

    All settings are stock in both CPU cases, other than my RAM being run at XMP but only at 2933Mhz so nothing crazy there.

    Just had a play about and ran Prime95 for a while and it never got above about 70degrees which seems fine to me. I would think if I had a poor connection between the CPU and the heatsink I would see the load temperature skyrocket pretty quickly?
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  2. rip-the-jacker


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    its fine mate.

    I have the 2600X and ran the stock cooler and it fluctuates between low 30's to low 40's when doing basic tasks..but if i go afk for a while then come back its like a constant 31-32c until i start doing things again.

    I also went for the Prism cooler (love it) and its the same even with my own Noctua thermal paste..so its all ballpark temps..
  3. Double07

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    Yeah I kinda thought so as I've used the PC for a few hours now and its settled down so looks like its just that its a wee bit different to what I am used to but absolutely fine.
  4. MasterOC

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    Normal mate , even with a slight amount of background apps especially ( discord , GFE etc ) XFR etc likes to bounce the clocks for maximum performance and effeciency for each core. Only really seen it rock steady power saving clocks when the mouse don't move and absolutely nothing is running. Was a quirk to me running 5820k previously which pretty much chose a clock for a pre determined legnth of task/time befor dropping clocks or boosting.
  5. neil473


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    Double check the power settings in Windows and change to balanced if it's on "Ryzen balanced". Ryzen balanced has a minimum processer state of 90% so it runs quite a bit hotter than needed.
  6. MrPotato


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    ^^^ This. Had previously noticed that the voltage wouldn't drop.
  7. ukbilleh


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    Yes sounds normal.
    I built a 2700x itx system in a evolv shift case cooled by an m22 kraken and it seemed to jump around quite a bit. Was similar but worse using a previously installed wraith spire
  8. eeii


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    Yep this is normal. Mine is water cooled and jumps around quite a bit. It’s to do with the auto tune xfr and pbo doing its thing. In other words auto overclocking.