Ryzen professional set up and gaming set up



22 Dec 2020
Hello everyone.

I am thinking of getting a Ryzen 9 3900x with 64gb RAM for work. I am not exactly sure what GPU to get, but probably something like the MSI 1650 super which appears to give decent performance for cost. As it is a professional machine I won't use for much gaming, although I would like it to have the basic capability as well as supporting 3+ monitors.

While I am getting a work PC I may as well get one for gaming too and my question is as follows:

For the gaming setup, would it be better to get the Ryzen 7 3800XT rather than the 3900x and reduce the RAM to 32gb so that I could then spend the difference that I save through these downgrades on a better GPU? Is this a good plan to improve gaming performance? I understand the 64gb RAM is overkill for gaming, but I'm not sure if downgrading the processor to get a better GPU is a good plan, especially as the 3900x appears to give a lot more processing power for each pound spent. If this is in fact a good idea, I'd be most grateful if someone would recommend a good value gaming performance card. I believe the processor and RAM downgrades would save around £200, so either the 1660 super or RTX 2060 is in the next bracket up and, if I choose either of these, I still make an overall saving. The cards above that on the website are out of stock and do not have prices, so I can't compare them.

I have a couple of secondary questions too:

Grateful if someone would confirm whether the 1650s is a decent card for the professional PC and whether you can/it is a good idea to use an ITX card in a ATX machine. There's an Aero ITX card on the website that looks decent, but just wondering if they make too many compromises on a small card for the reduced size that it is better to just pick a full size card.

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