Safari memory leak?

13 Jan 2003
Has anyone noticed Safari seems to grow indefinitely?

It's one of the few processes that gets loaded and kept in the background all the time. Here's the process itself:

Real memory size: 494 MB
Virtual memory size: 5.58 GB (!!!!)
Shared memory size: 112.3 MB
Private memory size: 185.5 MB
Virtual private memory: 554.4 MB

Usually the problem is the Adobe flash player:
Real memory size: 184 MB
Virtual memory size: 1.55 GB
Shared memory size: 39 MB
Private memory size: 393 MB
Virtual private memory: 517 MB

So this could be linked with the crashes of flash player that appear all the time, each restart (perhaps) doesn't release all it's memory within the Safari process itself.

I was wondering why there was a little bit of a pause:
Free: 33 MB (!)
Wired: 531 MB
Active: 2.33 GB
Inactive: 1.12 GB
Used: 3.97 GB (4GB installed)

I almost didn't notice as I was just checking the CPU use of the m-Audio interface. I notice that the new Activity Monitor allows you to set the dock bar icon to display CPU or other information (on the dock menu) :D SSD housed swap space means you can't really tell the difference!

Now, off to restart Safari!
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