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Samsung Tab S7 + peripheral

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by AHarvey, 18 Oct 2021.

  1. AHarvey


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    My daughter has asked for a drawing tablet for her 10th Birthday, and she needs a new android tablet anyway due to a cracked screen, so we're looking at the £619 Tab S7.

    I'm usually a desktop/laptop user so I've not really looked at what extras you can get with tablets.

    Currently watching a few videos and can see different options regarding keyboards/mice/cases etc.

    Can anyone suggest any extras they feel would be beneficial? Can't decide to go case/keyboard with touchpad or whether to look for a proper USB C hub and normal mice/keyboards and she can also connect it to the TV or a monitor.
  2. DataVampire

    Wise Guy

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    Wow. It is not my place to judge. But not being funny, i would not spend that much on such a young child.
    Having said that, would a cheaper s6 lite or the s7fe be a better option still very expensive for a child. but might be better.
    I would defo get insurance.(which covers theft, and accidental damage)
    A decent tempered screen protector.
    A decent case that protects it from all sides. And stores the s pen securely.
    If charging is going to be a thing. get the Anker 45-watt charger( and the Anker cable) It will then charge pretty quickly at 45 watts. the included one i think is a 15-watt charger so quite a difference.
    Might be worth sourcing out some s pen spare nibs also.
    If she is going to want to download lots of things ect perhaps an sd card also.
    The new tablets are heavy(well my tab s7+ is so you might want to look into a pop socket .(stick it to the back of the case will make it easier to hold/grip the tablet.
    USB c to HDMI cable so it can be connected to another monitor. although you can connect it wirelessly to some monitors and TVs now.
    I know i love my tab s7+ it is so smooth and very fast.
    Anyhow hope it helps somewhat.
  3. [HB]Rugrat


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    I also have an s7+ and datavampire makes a good point about the s7 being overkill. It is an absolute beast that would have been completely wasted on my son when he was 10, but you know your daughter so if you think it's appropriate you can't get any better (except *maybe* an iPad pro). The s6 lite is a good choice otherwise (not to mention a much cheaper one).

    The Samsung keyboard cases are outrageously overpriced (unless they're doing one of the half price deals on cases when you buy the tablet). I was recommended an infiland case which was dead cheap, provides good protection and covers the s-pen too so you don't lose it.

    I'd wait and see how she uses it before I invested in things like mice and keyboards etc. If someone is going to use it as a laptop replacement utilising the dex mode, a mouse and keyboard could be useful but I can't imagine your average 10 year old is going to have much use for office applications?
  4. Columbo


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    The S6 Lite is half the price and has an S-Pen.
    I got one for my daughter (14 yrs old) a couple of months ago and she really likes it. Escecially for homework etc.

    Just get a Folio case from the rainforest for £10 and dont bother with the rest until she knows if she wants it.
  5. AHarvey


    Joined: 6 Mar 2008

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    Location: Stoke area

    yeah it's a little overkill but having used it last night it's well worth the money, and she'll use it for everything.

    School work - they do a lot of powerpoints/google slideshows/google docs etc for homework so it'll be used for that.
    She wants to get more involved in photography and making little videos/stop motion.
    And it should last her going into secondary school as well, rather spend a little more now for something that lasts than look at replacing it in a couple of years.
    She'll likely play a few games such as minecraft on it too.

    Not to mention the wife is now in love with it and wants the s7+ to replace her aging laptop :D

    I'll have a look at the case suggestions so thanks for them.

    I've quite a few spare USB laptops/mice so may just invest in a USB-C adapter with HDMI, seen a few around £15-20 and I can always use it on our phones too.
  6. mrgubby


    Joined: 21 Oct 2002

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    I've got the samsung keyboard/case, very nice but stupidly expensive (I bought it from a supplier who had priced it £100 reduced by mistake ;) )
  7. e36Adz


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    Location: Manchester, UK

    I'm in a similar position myself. Daughters 10th birthday is approaching and with the amount of online lessons they've had this and last year, her own tablet seems like a worthwhile investment.

    After doing some research I felt the Tab S7 FE would be perfect with its large screen and s-pen. The issue was it was heavily overpriced for what it is, but I've found it online for £325 which imo makes it much more desirable. It's been a few days and I'm still waiting for it, they did say upto 8-9 days though.

    Samsung are also doing a promotion atm whereby you can claim a free keyboard case - but I'm not sure if this is only if purchased from certain suppliers.