Samsung TV 720p allowed 1080p

6 Apr 2013
Before I purchased a new pc build (self build) from here which I am very happy with, I found a trick that allowed my current GTX 1650 Super to run 1920x1080. My 40" Samsung tv is an old one - Samsung LE40R88BD - 40" LCD TV - widescreen - 720p - HD ready by all accounts.

But since doing the new build, I create a custom resolution again and it does allow it, flicks to it, but then flicks back out to 720p.

I have no idea whats happening. I only tried because I didnt know the resolution the tv was limited to until now. The spec for the tv clearly states 1280x720 but the pc auto allows it to run 1360 x768 which is of course slightly more than 720 too.

Since I do graphic design from time to time, the max res would really come in useful but I have no idea why it allows it now only for a second, looks great as it did before but then reverts.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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