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Samsungs HD204UI is now the Seagate ST2000DL004, One of the best drives around still lives!!

Discussion in 'Latest News, Deals & Special Offers' started by Andrew Moore, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Andrew Moore

    MSI Rep

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    Just a heads up to say that the Samsung HD204UI stock is mixed with the new Seagate ST2000DL004! The Line is being transitioned out as the HD204UI and will become the above Seagate part instead.

    Description has been updated below, pricing should be leveling out now the part is effectively replaced even if it is being replaced by itself :D

    See Below for details

    Samsung SpinPoint F4 EcoGreen 2TB SATA-II 32MB Cache - OEM (HD204UI / ST2000DL004) @ £109.99 inc VAT


    ** Note ** This drive is now called the Seagate ST2000DL004 as well as the Samsung HD204UI

    Samsung's F4 EcoGreen is the first drive available to feature 667GB per platter. Samsung’s F4 Series EcoGreen Drive (F4EG) is the ideal high capacity drive for green computing environments. The new eco-friendly hard drive, F4EG is designed to meet demand for high performance devices with lower power consumption. Samsung’s EcoGreen F4 makes it possible to design storage systems with the right balance of high capacity, fast performance and energy conservation. Samsung F4EG has the world’s best areal density at 5400RPM rotation speeds. High density means more bits pass under the head faster, and it improves the drive performance. Samsung employs an advanced data recording technology, which brings the next generation technology into today’s single disk platform, enabling Samsung’s new 5400RPM drives to perform at current 7200RPM drive speeds. The internal SysMark test results confirms that F4EG performs as same as 7200RPM drive speeds, and even 10% faster than other green drives.

    - Capacity: 2TB
    - Cache: 32MB
    - Interface: SATA-II
    - Spin Speed: 5400RPM
    - Seek Time: 8.9ms
    - 3.5" Drive
    - Warranty: 3 Years

    Only £109.99 inc VAT.

  2. Greg0986

    Wise Guy

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    Location: Somerset

    Do you mean hard drive prices or these compared to the seagates? Itching to get a good 2tb but can't justify the price :p
  3. snaggster


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    Location: Newark Notts

    Now i know why the seagate replacement i got for my 2tb samy f4, is coming up as HD204UI in everest!! They are a fantastic drive, i have several. Seagate's RMA is 2nd to none. Drive turn around is under 2 weeks. Uk based collection depot. Ive only ever had one drive go down and that might have been my fault "cough cough".

    Edit to add: As fast as my 1tb f3, and quite a bit quieter. Ideal to run alongside a ssd.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2012
  4. rowedogg


    Joined: Oct 19, 2011

    Posts: 394

    whatever happend to a quick return of normal prices
  5. Andrew Moore

    MSI Rep

    Joined: Jul 20, 2009

    Posts: 4,511

    Location: 20ft from bed

    There never was going to be a quick return. Its plastered all over the internet and talked about by probably millions of people.
  6. Random Guy

    Wise Guy

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    And besides, why would they reduce their prices when they are raking it in at the moment? Even when their backlog clears by the end of the year, they will still keep the prices up...
  7. rikky


    Joined: Feb 10, 2007

    Posts: 482

    They won't be returning to "normal" prices simply because we have far fewer players in the mechanical drive business - the problems in Thailand last year gave them the perfect excuse to hike prices (to more than they would have got away with) and it is a fair bet that they will remain artificially high for a good while yet ... as the competition is effectively gone.:(
  8. rowedogg


    Joined: Oct 19, 2011

    Posts: 394

    why sell something for £50, when obvs they are still selling at £100. bloody greedy buggers!
  9. Mr Krugga


    Joined: Oct 16, 2009

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    Location: Essex

    Still twice as expensive as I paid for it many moons ago.

    I can't believe the price hike is lasting so long now.
  10. FlyingPig


    Joined: Jul 10, 2011

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    Location: London

    I saw that drive for 84GBP last night elsewhere, has gone up again in the meantime... Sign of things to come? Here's hoping they return to more reasonable prices soon as I can't justify this either.
  11. Boycey0211


    Joined: Apr 27, 2011

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    Location: Norfolk

    speculative pricing won't go away for a while. If ever, because it will probably be down to 'inflation' next year when people question it again...
  12. SL09


    Joined: May 24, 2011

    Posts: 79

    things never gonna be the same again... :rolleyes:

    only managed to get one of these for work pc just a week before the price rise. hope that one was mine. :p