sanity check on budget re-build

11 Apr 2017
So I just replaced my case, mobo, ram and CPU to make a new kick-ass PC - with much help from the awesome overclockers community :)

So I have the following parts left:

- mid tower case with stock front/back fans
- mini ATX motherboard
- Intel Core i7 CPU
- Half-working AIO (CLC) corsair CPU water cooler

I also have
- A spare 128GB SSD
- thermal paste
- I think I have an old graphics card (MSI GeForce GTX 760 OC Gaming Edition 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card). Although I could not find it immediately in my attic! - but I am not really sure if I need it?

I am just missing:
- Power supply

Planned Usage

I plan to make this a linux box to act as a simple media server (i.e. use VLC media player, play netflix on a web browser - just simple stuff!). I would also like it to be quiet when idle and not too noisy when watching films / tv.

What I think I would get
The name of the game here is to make this as cheap as possible
- Power supply. I was thinking this cheapo one:
- Air cooler fan, I was thinking:

I think the PSU is a no-brainer - just get the cheapest one I can find (might be wrong on that). I check all the power cables it provides and it seems to meet my needs.
The air cooler I am less sure about. I just found the cheapest that was available now and said it had "high Intel compatibility". I am not really sure if this cheap fan will be quiet or if it is really compatible with my Intel core i7 (or motherboard?). It appears to come with a pack of brackets and screws etc.

So I thought I would check if these two look about right. Is there any reason I might want a better fan cooler or PSU?

Do I even need to bother with a graphics card? - I think the on-board graphics of my mobo will support 4k TV (so the web site says).
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