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Sapphire RX 480 Reference Card 8GB Review.

15 Sep 2006
Why anyone would buy a reference card is beyond me.

i bought the sapphire 8 gig one, had been waiting over a year for a gpu upgrade and had to build a new pc before i could consider upgrading the slightly bottle necked 270x.

in april i upgraded my pc and used the 270x, and kept waiting for 390 performance to not be so expensive, so i grabbed one of these and im very happy with it,

maxes out every thing i chuck at it on 1200p and my case has sound proofing and decent air cooling so i don't hear much from the card with raised fan profiles.

why would i not buy one? 220 quid and awesome to me performance, goes real nice with my 6600k :)

doom at one point hit 153 fps last night :D
4 Feb 2006
What's the reason for no 980 results in Hitman, Doom and AoTS? These are the latest DX12/Vulkan games.
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