Screamer 4x4 help!

16 Jan 2011
Hi have been playing some older games lately but have come into a problem with this particular game. Now upon startup it asks which version I want to play either D3D, Glide or OpenGL. Firstly i tried open gl and it ran ok on max settings and full resoloution but the controls where sometimes unresponsive, rather odd. So then i tried it on D3D and it leaves me with black screen. So i altered the screen resoloution from 1680 x 1050 x 32 to 1680 x 1050 x 16 and it worked but occasionaly crashes to desktop. Anyone have any ideas why it wont work with 32 bit textures? I have had a memory error after the crash but not sure if that was just a random message or not. Also after it has crashed nothing on the desktop is clickable it just beeps at me, and i have to log off and on to fix this.

Any help would be great. Thanks
6 Apr 2009
Near Manchester
Firstly, I have never heard of this game.

Here are a few ideas (assuming you are running vista or higher):

Run the program in winxp/win98/win95 compatability mode.

Run the program as admin.

Disable desktop composition.
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