Screamer Pipe Fitted to Mr2 and Fuel Rail Mod

18 Oct 2002
2 doors down from Subo
Firstly I apologise for not having any sound or video clips of my new screamer pipe! I will make sure and get some asap!

Anyway, fitting went quite well with only 2 small problems. I had to modify one hose to fit onto the hardpipe but I'm considering getting all the hoses replaced with hardpipes. The other problem was with the strut braces hitting off the top of the wastegate so I'll need to convert to a straight cross brace instead of the diagonal one.

As for the sound the screamer pipe's like..........well.............the world has ended. :D


As I'm a poor student I can't afford an uprated fuel rail to go along with my nice and shiny Sard 850cc injectors. Therefore I'm forced to modify my spare revision 2 fuel rail :shock: :lol:

I've got a revision 3 fuel rail which as you can see from the second picture has a much bigger bore than the revision 2 one. However you can't fit a revision 3 fuel rail to a revision 2 head :( So I'm forced to improvise.

The main problem with the rev2 fuel rail is that as the fuel is injected at one end and passes through the rail the last injector gets least fuel pressure and as a result that cylinder runs hottest. Since I can't combat this with my engine management I'm forced to try and be clever.
You can see from the first picture that the revision 2 fuel rail has an outlet for the cold start injector, which in my case I've gotten rid of already, and blocked it off. So what I'm going to do is use the main exisiting outlet on the far side as an inlet and turn it into a duel feed rail with the cold start as the outlet running to a Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator. Thoughts?


24 Oct 2002
Bucks and Edinburgh
Matt82 said:
what exactly is a screamer pipe?

Its a bit of pipe thats connected to an external wastegate that vents to air instead of into an exhaust. It makes a very loud noise hence the name. I love them on other peoples car but I couldnt live with the noise personally
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