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Screen flickering?

9 Aug 2011
I had a HP ML110 G6 Quad Core Xeon Server that has been in use for about 6 months as a domain controller with no issues whatsoever. I decided to sell it and someone from a distance bought it and I had it delivered to them via next day courier.

Now, the buyer is claiming that their monitor flickers on and off constantly when connected to the server. I have suggested trying a different cable or monitor but they have said that there are no issues with either.

Now, my concern is, the GPU is onboard and was fully working the day before the service was sent, so I'm just looking for any ideas you guys might have.

What could be causing the issue that the buyer is having? If the GPU has picked this exact moment to give up, is there likely to be a wider issue with the motherboard or will it just be isolated to the GPU itself (i.e. if he were to use a PCIe GPU, how sure could I be that the motherboard isn't going to completely pack in?)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.