Sennheiser HD 558 - any good?

8 May 2006
About to order my first ever set of quality headphones to go with my new ASUS Xonar DX... also want them for music and movies on other devices... thinking the HD 558 for £111... not mentally expensive but should be very good... (budget is £100)...

Just one thing holding me back.. they are open and not closed... So i can still hear things and people can hear my cans... that excludes ever really wearing them outside the house on flights, trains etc...

But other than that, are the 558's the best i can get for my money (£100)?

11 May 2006
Never heard these cans, but have heard the HD595 (similiar design to the HD 558) and I found the sound nice and airy, but a little thin and lacking low end warmth. Still, they sounded very good and well balanced.

For something around the £50 mark, I totally recommend the Creative Aurvana Live! I keep recommending them, but I honestly think they sound amazing, especially for the price. The lack some of the accuracy and refinement of more high end headphones, but they easily make up for it in terms of sheer musicality. Also, don't be worried about their appearance. Whilst they were not built like tanks, the build quality is pretty solid. They sound a lot bigger than they look.
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