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Setting up 3 non-Eyefinity monitors.

31 Aug 2009
Surrey, UK
Hi there,

I currently have a 6950, one HP LP2465w connected via DVI-DVI and one Acer VGA monitor DVI-VGA.

I'm trying to set up my LG TV via HDMI-HDMI as a third monitor to game casually on with a gamepad but I'm having trouble.

CCC can detect the TV but it can't seem to run all three at once. I can use any one of the displays on their own, or the following combinations:

1) HP and Acer
2) Acer and LG

But never the HP and LG. I'd be happy just with the HP and LG and simply use a hotkey to switch setups depends on what I'm doing, but I can't get them both working together. It's strange that I can use the Acer (DVI-VGA) with the LG and not with the HP (DVI-DVI).

In CCC's Creating and Arranging Desktops screen, if I attempt to extend across to the LG with the HP as the main I get this error:

This operation is not supported based on current display configuration.

I've done some Googling around but with no luck. Most people seem to report that having one DVI-DVI and one HDMI-HDMI isn't an issue, so I'm not sure what my problem is.

I'd appreciate any help!
11 Jun 2011
the range of graphics cards are well known to not be able to display 3 monitors at a time unless you have an active adapter running as well.

I went through what you are going through recently however I thought the adapter I had was active. I had the same messages as you had.

Purchased the above from OCUK and all works ok. no idea why but its just the way it is.

whatever way you look at it you need a active adapter from either your main display port or a mini one
3 Oct 2009
Yes, you only need to use DP if you are trying to run 3 monitors from your graphic card. Since you have onboard graphics, that gives you an extra free output (driven by integrated graphics). So you could later add a 4th monitor and connect it to one of the graphic card's DP outputs.
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