Setting up a reliable VPN for home users

6 Oct 2004
Hi all,

I'm currently looking at improving the VPN services at the office, for home users to connect to in order to access network resources.

We have 3 internet connections, 2 for the office internet, and one for the mail server (which is soon to be outsourced).

I'm looking at upgrading these soon, but currently they are the following:

1. ADSL 8mb download/832kb upload through a Linksys WAG354G
2. ADSL 8mb download/832kb upload through a Netgear DG834v4 (mail)
3. ADSL 8mb download/2.5mb upload through a Netgear DG834v4

We currently use RRAS in Windows Server 2008 R2 to handle the VPN connections, with 2 separate external addresses, coming through connections 1 and 2, and being port forwarded to 2 separate servers.

We usually have between 5 and 15 remote users connected.

The connections seem very unstable - I'm getting calls daily about people being unable to connect, or dropping out. It also seems that users with certain ISPs or routers at home simply can't connect at all.

I've been investigating implementing a dedicated hardware SSL VPN - something like a Draytek VigorPro 5510, but wasn't sure if this would a) do the job, and b) be a bit overkill.

Anyway, any suggestions, ideas or comments welcome.

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