Setting up a Simple Wireless Connection

15 Jan 2006
Hi I am having problems setting up a simple wireless connection for a single computer and a step by step guide from the current position would be much appreciated.

Current status:

Netgear WG834G router with an ethernet connection, connected through AOL and working fine.

Netgear WG111T USB adaptor, software installed sucessfully.

OP = Windows XP SP2 on 6 month old PC.


My friend wants to set up a wireless connection and move the router to a different room from the computer to get rid of the telephone extension cable trailing through her hall.

I tried the WG111T software wizard which installed the adaptor software but did not set up the wireless net work. After rebooting the next screen in the sequence did not appear. When double clicking on the WG111T shortcut icon, now on the desktop, the dialogue box flashes on the screen and then disappears.

I then tried going back to the AOL/Router software to set up the wireless link and that did not work.

I then tried the XP wireless set up wizard and got nowhere, too many choices and far too complicated. I appear to have created a wireless network, as it has a name, but I do not know where to find it, modify it, or how to connect anything.





21 Apr 2006
Are you 100% sure that the router has the wireless settings enabled, you have setup SSID etc? / Also with AOL you need to make a second user account (admin) so that the router can use the new accout and she can then login as she normally would. I've found this to be quite a pain in the long run with AOL if its not setup properly.

Its going to need a stable adsl connection, e.g. Telephone socket, telephone to the router , then the main computer to the router (via ethernet connection) in one room.

Then setup the wireless connection via the web browser, make an ssid , and Wep password etc.

install the adaptor in to the laptop and use the windows wireless software and login to the wireless network.

Also she wont need any AOL software on the laptop atall (&No other isp software installed ) you just need the software for the adaptor and windows wireless (installed) software
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