Shropshire LAN? Any 1 be interested? 5-10 People?

19 May 2005
Free Shropshire LAN? Any 1 be interested? 5-10 People?

Hi Guys

I know people from all over read this, but i also know a fare few people from in and around shropshire read it too. there seams to be next to no lans locally and im happy to set one up if people were interested as i have all the kit needed and experience.

Im thinking of setting up a local lan. for 5-10 people. No charge or anything, just a few people having a laugh, i have 4 high spec servers for the games, intranet, dns, dhcp and file sharing etc. i have several gigabit switchs but the main one been a 24 port managed gigabit switches etc along with cables + more so i have all the gear needed to set it up.

So if any one would be interested in attending a small lan, organised by me for free, please say here so i can gauge interest.

Probably be a 24 hours think i.e. sat to sunday in a local village hall, shrewsbury way

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