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Silly question probablyyy

4 Mar 2009
So i was just looking at my catalyst control center, and i wanted to make absoloutly sure about something.


If i have the Enable ATI overdrive, will it use those clock speeds? Or are the current values the actual current values regardless of having overdrive ticked or not? Im just wondering since i cant find a way to increase the current values, no matter how many tests and how many times i click apply. Just wanted to make sure these current values never change :p
15 Mar 2009
When you're not in a game your GPU runs in 2D mode, which uses alot less power and runs alot quieter. That's the 'current values' you're seeing there. 500Mhz is more than enough for pottering about windows.
When you start stressing the GPU, it'll kick up into 3D mode, the clocks will go up to whatever their setting is in Overdrive.
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