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Small cube case

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Gav_881, 30 Dec 2016.

  1. Gav_881

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    Just got a nice new big desk from IKEA that has a storage shelving unit on the end with 336 x 336mm squares (pic in spoiler).

    looking for an MAtx dual GPU box to fit snugly in the hole preferably with big fan front and back and nothing on the sides white would be a bonus.

    This is the only one i have found so far, just wanted to check with the experts before pulling the pin. It's too tall :-S


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  2. Legion

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  3. lsg1r


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    Pretty sure a Caselabs Bullet BH4 would fit in there...
    Overall Exterior (W x H x D) - 279mm x 241mm x 330mm
    Feet add .4" (10mm) to Height

    It does limit you to a sff psu and it might be a bit hard to get hold of but it does seem to cover the rest of your needs :)
  4. Gav_881

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    Thanks guys will take a look at the list
  5. Kurgen


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  6. longplay


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  7. mascotzel


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    You can have a look at the Raijintek Styx also
    (there are more colors available).
    You can find a fresh review of it on TechPowerUp.

    Limitations :
    - you need a short PSU ( 150mm max I think), to leave room for VGA cards ( at least he one closer to the CPU)
    - I don't know how much the 3.5" drive bracket limits the height of the video cards (in case you need to have a 3.5" drive in it)
    - you need to have narrow cabling on the SATA power connector ( like the cabling on the connector if it is situated at the end of the chain) for the SSD brackets that are on the back of the motherboard tray, possibly also for the one that sits in the bottom