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So I've won a Porsche 911 for August...

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Rick_Barnes, 19 Jul 2008.

  1. matt100


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    inheritance is more believable, but yeah, good plan :)
  2. Mr_Sukebe

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    If there's no mileage limit, I'd be inclined to book in 2 weeks holiday and go for a touring holiday around Europe in it.
  3. pitchfork


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    Drifting in sainsburys carpark, yeah :D
  4. Rick_Barnes


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    I work for Computacenter. We're an I.T. "Services and Soloutions" Company (and I'm told the largest in Europe!). I'm an internal account manager.

    Everything is included on the Porsche except the petrol, they fill the tank up once then your on your own.

    My mate said he was desperate to have a go in it and I told him flat out no lol. Whist trying to reach a compimise we already reached the conculsion that rocking upto the Porsche, Ferrari and a few other dealerships in the 911 would make us look more than credibile enough for a test drive! Our story was just going to be we'd had a "good few months" at work.

    I already asked about Europe and they're going to get back to me. I didn't dare ask about track days....

    I remember when I was first learning to drive my dad had suggested a day on an old runway or something, anyone know anywhere like that I can take it for a blast? (i.e. wide open safe area!!)
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