So my CPU runs hotter than my GPU...

Man of Honour
25 Oct 2002
Bit of a unusual one here I suspect. For most people, CPUs run cooler than (enthusiast) GPUs. However, since upgrading to a GTX470 Twin Frozr I've observed that the reverse is true in my case, when under load.

My system is an i5-750 @ 4ghz with a decent amount of voltage thrown through and it has never run particularly cool, as I use a fairly basic Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro 2. However my new graphics card excels at cooling the GPU but pumps air downwards into the case rather than out via an exhaust. Hot air being hot air, it rises, and with the CPU heatsink only a couple of inches above the graphics card, the CPU gets hot.

So what I'm after is innovative solutions that don't involve buying new hardware. I've got two case fans at the rear to extract air, but they are quite high up (one level with the heatsink, one above it) so will only be taking air away after it has gone through the cpu - it's not extracting much of the hot air coming out of the gfx card.

I did wonder if maybe I ought to try something a bit crazy and flip the fans to blow air in rather than out, but I'm not sure how much benefit that will have as they will affectively then be blowing in the opposite direction to the cpu fan and probably reduce airflow over the heatsink.

I do have an intake fan at the front (bottom) of the case, but it is blocked by a hd cage so I don't much cold air comes in there, basically all it will be doing is cooling the harddrives.

For info, the case is a Chieftec dragon, which is a pretty old design now.