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12 Apr 2012
Hi all,

It’s the first time I have posted on these forums, but I have been lurking for quite some time.

I have decided its time to build my next computer with the coming release of the new Intel processors and recent release of the new ATI GPUs. I have been tinkering with the idea of water cooling this new build, however having never attempted a water cooled system I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

Case: LD cooling PC V8 (Black/Red)
Processor: i7-3770K
Motherboard: TBD
GPU: 2 x AMD Radeon 7970s

I will be water cooling the CPU and the GPUs for the time being with plenty of potential to expand at a later date. I have put together a list of parts and any advice on where I might have gone wrong or alternative better products would be appreciated.


2 x EK-CoolStream RAD XT 480
1 x EK Multioption Reservoir X2 250 Advanced
1 x Alphacool Laing D5 Vario Pump
1 x Alphacool HF D5 TOP - Black Acetal G1/4

2 x EK-FC7970 Full Cover Waterblock - Nickel Acetal
2 x EK-FC7970 Backplate - Black

1 x EK Supreme HF CPU Waterblock - Nickel Acetal


8 x Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade
2 x Phobya G-Silent 14 1100rpm Red LED (140x140x25mm) for the case


Masterkleer Hose Pack PVC 19/13mm (1/2ID) Clear 3.3m

EK Water Blocks EK-PSC 19/13mm compression fittings G1/4 (ID 1/2" OD 3/4") - Black Nickel

19/13mm Compression Fitting 90° Angled G3/8" Black Nickel Plated

Now my questions:

Have I selected the right items, are they all compatible and would you suggest anything different?

Have I selected the right fittings and hose?

I have currently planned this build using 1 loop, but should I be considering 2 loops?

If I stick to the single loop is the pump I have selected sufficient enough?

I read that as a rule of thumb you should have at least 120mm of rad per item cooled on the loop as I am currently only planning on cooling the CPU and 2 GPUs would I be better off with only 1 x 480 rad or would I see a difference in temps with the second included? How does this rule of thumb stand up if you overclock the system?

Any advice would be appreciated.
24 Aug 2011
Nr Winchester
Hi, welcome to the forums :)

Nothing stands out as being a poor choice. Will both the 480rads fit in that case? (I don't know the case, so I'm not sure) Don't forget, it's not just the rad that has to fit, the fans have to fit with the rad as well. I think this might be the only issue.

As for how many loops, 2 loops might look better, but that's it. There will be no temp difference with 2 loops. Personally, I would go down the single loop route as it will just be easier.

Finally, how much rad. You are correct, generally speaking, 1x 120mm rad per component is the rule. However, if you can fit both the 480's in, it would be stupid not too, especially if you're going to overclock some/all of the components.

Hope this helps.
12 Apr 2012
Thank you both for replying.

It’s good to hear that I have not made any major mistakes with selecting the items, I don’t know how the 90 degree size error got past me, but I have changed them now to the appropriate size. Thank you for pointing it out.

The case is specifically designed for water-cooling and should have room for 3 x 480 rads, 2 in the base and 1 in the top. I think I will stick with using a single loop, as you say it should be easier to setup.

I know now that I’m heading in the right direction. I just need to make a decision on the MB and wait for the release of the new CPU.

I’m sure that I will have a few more questions before I settle on everything but thanks again for your replies and if anyone else has any suggestions or knows of any issues with the items I have chosen I would like to hear them.
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