Some Bootable Flash Drive For Puppy/DS Linux Help

19 Dec 2006
Saudi Arabia né Donegal
Well, the title just about says it all really but I'll expand on it a wee bit.

Basically I'm looking to use a small linux distro (I've heard both DSL and Puppy Linux are good) on an old laptop for web surfing and basic apps. Now, I have .iso copies of both DSL and Puppy Linux sitting on my hard-drive ready to be used on a bootable flash drive but that's where I'm getting stuck.

So far the only application I've found to make a pen drive bootable was the HP Drive Key Boot Utility which I've run on my pen drive. After that I dumped the files from the .iso onto the pen drive and tried to boot from it but no joy.

Would someone here be able to provide a quick guide for a complete noob please?

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Ah, I'm just thinking, I have the .iso of the install file, not the equivalent of a Live CD which is what I should be looking for...

Can I just install it straight onto the pen drive then?
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