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Sony KD-55XE9005 or something else

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by roccles, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. J1nxy


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    Coming from a 55w905 and to the 55XE9005 the picture is stunning, HDR on Altered Carbon in the night scenes is fantastic and blows away the 58DX802 Panasonic I had before. So far very happy, takes a long time to initially boot into android and its not the fastest OS ever but its not particularly bad either.
  2. Lanz


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    I have a 49" 9005. It's really good, perfect for 4K HDR gaming/netflix/amazon. Only a couple of annoyances - The quality display isn't great when viewed from an angle and the Android TV is slow and often unresponsive.
  3. 5punk3monk3y


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    The 9005 will display HDR on Netflix whereas the 9305 will pick up the same shows/movies but with the Dolby Vision Flag as Netflix offer both types of HDR.

    The 9005 has the slower processor (one of the reasons I complained to Sony / had a full refund was for this reason and that Amazon was a stuttering mess in 4k, however I had the 8 series TV which shares the same processor as the 9005)

    VA panels (both the 9005 and 9305 have this type) are terrible for off angle viewing (blacks turn grey, colours saturate) but offer the best blacks when viewed from directly in front (30 degrees max off angle If I recall)

    The 9305 is better suited to the OS as it has the stronger Extreme processor which is shared with the ZD9.

    Don't get me wrong the 9005 is a fantastic TV for the price but if the OP can pick up the 9305 for a little more it's more future proof. Why Sony didn't add the FALD of the 9005 to the 9305 is just strange as that would make the 9305 the perfect choice.
  4. roccles


    Joined: Apr 26, 2012

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    I have just got back from picking up the XE9305 managed to get the last boxed on in store. While I was there another branch rang up looking to get it for a customer. So I think i timed it well!

    Managed to get it for 1168 after they knocked 30 quid off it

    Looking forward to setting it up tonight.
  5. jpaul


    Joined: Mar 1, 2010

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    I might still wait for the Panasonic fx740 full array, ips panel ~£1K

    should have the better tone mapping, motion, and build quality that would also make the Panasonic oled my choice at the £1.5K 'premium' point (few owner comments in OC)

    ... that's for when my renewal cycle comes round, and current Pan reaches eol.

    Pan still don't subsribe to DV, if you have good frame by frame hdr brightness analysis, HDR10, HLG - is it needed ?
  6. jpaul


    Joined: Mar 1, 2010

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    indeed general resurgence in ips panels .. are these all LG's nano IPS ?

  7. stoofa


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    Good price. I paid £200 more and don't regret at all.
    AV Forums have a number of threads covering this TV - including some good starting points for picture setup.
  8. Secret_Window


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    Probably since LG themselves are doing something similar. I actually have a direct back lit LED IPS full HD TV in one of the bedrooms, which is the Panasonic AS800. It has a native contrast of about 2000:1 which is extremely good for an IPS panel. The uniformity is almost perfect, so I can see why they trying it again in 4K.
  9. roccles


    Joined: Apr 26, 2012

    Posts: 605

    I setup the new TV with my PS4 (Non Pro) last night running Assassins Creed Origins and my word it was amazing. Very impressed so far and not even tried any 4K content on it.
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