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Sorry guys not good news Chip prices rising by a further 10 - 20% according to Wall Street Journal

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Flake87, 28 Aug 2021.

  1. Flake87

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  2. pcuser


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    Silicon is the new gold.
  3. Cooler running

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    For now, sure, it's all a game of supply and demand with semi-conductors.
    It'll probably net off below inflation in a few years, after demand becomes more predictable, until then it'll be rough.

    The noises made by top gov officials are promising, we might even have a chip glut mid-to-late 2020's if the level of investment into fabs is what I expect will happen.
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  4. Nathlm


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    Brilliant, just as the GPU prices are starting to come down a little...
    There's always something that's causing prices to spike.
    If it weren't so well documented, I'd be calling a conspiracy.
  5. Nevakonaza


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    It's really no surprise, now the big players know to what lengths people will pay for certain items, so do the company's that make the smaller component's for such items.