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spec compatibility check

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by FishPolice, 16 May 2006.

  1. FishPolice


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    Need some advice on a gaming system I am gradually putting together.
    So far I have got:

    Opteron 146 [jumped on the bandwagon last xmas lol]
    2 gb G.Skill DDR ZX PC3200

    Next month I plan to get:

    Antec Sonata II
    or P150
    Asrock 939 dual-sata2
    Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro

    I plan to run this for about 2 months with my ancient GF3 and then buy:

    or X1900 -should have dropped enough in price for me by then

    I would prefer a DFi Ultra-D mobo but it's taking forever to save up as it is, plus I'm a little apprehensive about getting a dud & having to wait ages for a replacement lol

    1. Will this lot be compatible?
    2. Will I will need to upgrade the PSU when I eventually buy the new graphics card? (I do plan on overclocking if the opteron is any good so would I be better off with 500w or more?)
    3. I read in the Asrock mobo thread that some people a while back were having problems using Antec PSUs with that particular motherboard. Is there still a potential incompatibility here?
    4. Seems a shame that these 2 cases come with PSUs as standard. I assume though that you can fit any type of PSU in them though?

    ps. remind me next time to just save up a big wad of cash first before I start buying things :D
  2. semi-pro waster

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    Yes it is all compatible.

    The PSU should be able to cope fine, it is by a good brand and offers stable power.

    I'm unaware of any problems but I haven't been reading up on the ASRock motherboards really so that is no great surprise I suppose.

    Yes any standard ATX PSU will fit if you want to replace them :)
  3. SiriusB


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    If you're gonna be waiting ages for a graphics card I would probably go for an X1900. I got my X1900XT for about £289 ex VAT... OCUK have the crossfire edition for less than that at the moment :eek: or at least the last time I looked.

    Still, 1900s should be a bit cheaper in 3 months time :)

    Also, I wouldn't worry about getting a DFI. I have the NF4 Ultra-D and I am very happy with it so far :D. Even if you did get a duffer just send it back to OcUK or wherever you got it.

    And yes you're right - you should have bought all at once. It killed me waiting 3 days for my case, nevermind waiting around since Christmas!