Spec me a few components

21 Jul 2010
Hi guys

Pondering on what to upgrade

Current spec

X58 UD5 gigabyte mainboard usb 2.0
6 Gig triple channel patriot ram DDR3
ATI 6950 2GB
I7 920 CPU clocked to 3.0ghz
cant rememeber but i have a really decent corsair 750W psu cost me £120 very efficient
running at 1920x1080

Looking to upgrade/add

Graphics possibly Crossfire (ATI preferable)
Mainboard for USB 3.0 also easy and stable overclocking gigabyte preferably or a better suggestion and reasoning
SSD is a definite again recommendations looking to mainly just install OS as i have my 1TB for data storage.
A new PC full tower case was looking at the phantom ? for £110 i think something fancy anyway
CPU upgrade if required.
Last note watercooling suggestion aswell ive never watercooled but i feel competant enough to install it always used to use Aircool but hated the noise generated.

Not 100% what is worth keeping really but i dont see much improvement with I7 series CPU? so again any feedback on something not worth upgrading welcome :p

Any other suggestions just an idea of what people would upgrade if it were their rig :)

Upgrade cost £550 to £900 Cheaper and expensive options if thats ok :)
10 Aug 2010
Hi there,

your 920 is fine for gaming, especially overclocked :)
I wouldn't suggest a new motherboard for it though, as is seems a waste of money for just USB3.0 - if you're desperate for it maybe a PCI add-in card?

SSD: Crucial M4 128GB :)

Phantom is a nice case if you like the look of it their great for cooling!

1 x HIS HD 6950 IceQ X PLUS Edition 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card with FREE Deus Ex PC Game £214.99
1 x Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (CT128M4SSD2) £119.99
1 x NZXT Phantom Enthusiast USB3.0 Full Tower Case - Black £105.98
Total : £455.06 (includes shipping : £11.75).

Depending on the games you play I'd consider a nice big 27" high-res screen such as this nice Dell:
or 2 more 1080p screens for Eyefinity!?
Sorry watercooling is not my strong point, but certainly worth looking into :)
21 Jul 2010
Thanks for the suggestions guys :)

If i was to try and keep some of my existing build what can you suggest for

New motherboard
CPU water cooling

Keep existing CPU/GPU/PSU/HDD :)
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