Spec me a guitar!

14 Sep 2005
All over.
Hi there. At the moment I've got a Fender Strat (sunburst), and an Epiphone Les Paul (green). But I need (want :) ) a black guitar and 24 frets.

I'm looking at Ibanez base guitars on the RG series. I don't really have much money to spend. About £300 max. But I'd like the best guitar for the price within that price range. Of course I'm gonna see if I can try it out at the music stores nearby to see if it's for me.

If there's a PRS lower than £300 point me in that direction. I just love them. :)

1 Oct 2003
If you want new then the PRS suggested will serve you will.

If you're looking at Ibanez RGs then you should really go second hand, anything with a floating bridge that isn't an Edge Pro or Lo Pro (if you find a new old stock model older than 2003) won't be any good.

I'd suggest searching on ebay for a second hand RG5XX (RG550, RG570, etc) these can be found for £300 (an RG1550 with hardcase actually went for £170 recently! Bargain tastic).

Personally i'd check out the Ibanez RGA121, this is basically an RG with an arched (curved) top and a fixed bridge, i'd say it's actually a good mix between a PRS SE and a regular RG. I have one and absolutely love it, I also own an Ibanez Jem and in terms of feel I much prefer the RGA. I got it for just over £300 on Ebay last year.
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