Spec me a server

14 Apr 2010
Milton Keynes
Hi Guys,

So I think its time to upgrade my server.

I mainly use my server for media and backups. Currently it has 7 HHDs. This is not really used for gaming at all! It is connected to my amp via HDMI and my AMP to my TV. I have had all kinds of sound issues with it but this could be because its a 5 / 8 year old system (dual core 32BIT)

The system is on all day and needs as many sata ports as possible and to consume as little power as possible.

I am looking to upgrade the mobo/CPU/RAM and possible GFX unless I can get onboard which would be much better!

Can anyone suggest a good mobo/cpu/ram combo with 6 or more sata ports? (I don't care if they are sata3 or not as its really just storage and media.)

Also, although I have PSU, is there possibly a better PSU suited for what I will be using it for?

Also, I am an intel FanGirl so no AMD please :p
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