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Spec me a shed!

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Marakith, May 5, 2019.

  1. Marakith


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    I'm looking to build a shed at the end of my garden. I'm looking at a 10x8 "pent" shed. Reason is - I want the doors opening on the side of the shed so as to minimise the amount of space I need to take out of the flowerbeds. I'd prefer one with double doors.

    I'm a bit bewildered by all the options - and it seems there's quite a spread of prices to choose from - anywhere from £500 to £1500 or so.

    CAn anyone recommend any must have options? Any particular roof felt? Should it have guttering? Pressure treated or not? That sort of thing.

    Also - can anyone recommend a good supplier? Again - a lot of variability in price it seems.

  2. DXP55


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    As per the rubber roof shed thread just make sure you spec 12mm at least roof timber/ply etc as you can use felt nails - anything thinner and nails poke through onto the inside - use best quality felt -DO NOT use staples to fix the felt - it might seem expensive but you won't have to do it again in a few years time. If you skimp on the sides you can always beef them up after but roof you can't without a lot of pain.

    I would recommend guttering or the water would run off roof and splash up side of shed - also put shed on a solid base slightly smaller than shed it self and make sure the battens it's sitting on are treated.
  3. Mark A


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    Pressure treating is definitely a good thing to have if you can afford the extra. It'll help a lot with keeping the shed rot free, but you still need to add some sort of water proofing finish to the outside as the backs of the facia boards on mine have started to show a bit of wet rot where they haven't been coated with shed preserver.

    I got my 10x8 apex shed from Tiger sheds about 7 years ago and it's holding up very well so far, bar the roof felt that blew off. Its the pressure treated "elite" range, which use thicker framing and cladding. It's definitely a decent shed, but they did skimp on a few things. The felt they used was paper thin and ripped off in a storm after a few years and the hinges and locks are the cheapest they could find. Even with constant oiling they rusted up and would bend rather than open. I ended up buying a decent quality 5 lever mortice lock and some ball bearing 100mmx100mm stainless butt hinges to replace them with. The butt hinges are something i'd do straight away as it just makes the door so much nicer to open and they are more secure. They were only about £8 or so from ebay for 2.

    The roof, floor and walls all use 16mm, pressure treated shiplap cladding and the framing timber is substantial. The door and windows are proper mortice and tennon constructed frames, rather than some thin framing timber nailed to the cladding like cheaper sheds.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think most sheds come with cheap felt, so it's unavoidable. I'm currently looking into using EPDM rubber to replace it with as that is supposedly garunteed for 20 years and said to last 50..

    Also add a gutter as thats another thing i'd have expected, but Tiger skimped on. I think most shed makers don't add a gutter either.
  4. Marakith


    Joined: Nov 22, 2004

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    Location: London

    Awesome tips - thank you both!

    I'll look at Tiger Sheds - keen to hear if any other retailers are recommended.
  5. checjb

    Wise Guy

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    Another vote for Tiger sheds. I just built a 10x7 Apex and it's awesome.