Spyware Help

14 Jul 2004
Melbourne , Oz.
Hey guys , I got a problem....

I wondered if anyone can help.
Somehow Ive ended up with "XP Antispyware" software / malware installed on my machine. Its super annoying because I dont usually fall for / get caught out by this stuff and generally laugh at my pron surfing mates who often do!

No idea how it popped up but I did have windows firewall running (on XP Pro Media Edition) in order to stream my 360. I had a pop up saying it had been turned off , turned it back on and up popped this vicious little program.

Its got me beaten all ends up , Ive searched for removal methods and the best of them seem to point at Malwarebytes to remove it (which I dont have) but worst of all when I try and get onto helpful websites it either redirects me to a pron site , or to some crappy search engine like "yourneeds.info" with a result of "nothing found" or it just blocks my access to these sites altogether giving a page failed to load message in firefox (version 3.0.3).

I did find this page http://www.pchubs.com/blogs/xpantispyware-2009-removal-guide-remove-xp-antispyware-2009 and it is one of only a handful I can access , I follwed the steps but to be honest it seemed a little too easy and as a result it hasnt worked...

I have adaware and spybot installed on my machine but I cant run them for some reason.
In the meantime I ditched windows firewall in favour of sunbelt but obviously that wont have cured me either.

Ive run out of very limited ideas...
I will download Malwarebytes tomorrow from my work pc but I doubt if this stupid thing would let me run it.

Any help would be very much appreciated.