Star Wars Celebration 13-15th July Excel London

30 Nov 2003
Anyone going?

I just got this lovely email :p

I know it's volunteer work, but you usually get so much free **** that you can sell on ebay :D + free entry for the next 2 days.

Dear Star Wars Fan

Thank you for submitting your application form to be a volunteer at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Europe in London. Congratulations, your application has been approved by Lucasfilm, and been cleared as a volunteer at this historic event.

There are several important and integral roles that will need filling during the show and we need enthusiastic and reliable to people to carry them out. That is why we have chosen you.

There is an office in ExCeL dedicated to the volunteers (office number S3 UPPER). Please come to this office to report yourself to me on the day for your assigned duties at 7am on Friday 13th July. Here you will be given your t-shirt, your timetable and your tasks and we will direct you where to go.

I look forward to meeting you.


Sarah Crease

Volunteer Manager

Star Wars Celebration Europe

Excel, London 13th-15th July 2007

DL: 0207 654 0604

F: 0207 654 0601

[email protected]
30 Nov 2003
Bill101 said:
The downside is that it will take a week to wash the smell of geek off you.


As Patches O'Houlihan would have said (dodgeball) "I love the smell of queef (I mean geek :p) in the morning"
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