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Star Wars - The Old Replublic

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by shaggyd, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. shaggyd

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    Is the game worth returning?
    I have not played for about 3 years and it says that I am a preferred member (whatever that is). I used to play it for the PvE content, but never got to finish the Eternal Knights story.
    Do I have to resub or can I continue with my level 60 main?
  2. 'Wes


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    Subbing to the game is advised, considering the limitations with preferred and free to play.

    Since you left, they've added some group content, so it's more than enough for you considering where you're at in the game, same goes for story content.

    The game is still populated, thanks mainly to the limited servers available, so you won't have issues with doing group content or PvP.
  3. shaggyd

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    Thanks Wes. I have been binge watching The Clone Wars series for the first time. This has re-ignited my interest in playing SWTOR. I have lots of unlocked gear on my main Jedi, but I am considering starting from scratch with a new char with a new story. I like to play lore, rather than PvP aimed gear score.
  4. eggyoke


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    It's the class stories that make this game worth playing IMO. I played it on and off since release but I always stopped playing because of how slow and grindy it was. However I gave it another go last year and discovered they've made it WAY easier to level and get through the stories at an enjoyable pace.

    It's definitely worth subbing for a month to get the expansions, proper galactic market access, and some cartel coins etc. If you're not sure about subbing and just want to do a class story, you can use a player referral code that gives you 7 days of subscription services (not entirely the same, but similar.) It's a good way to see if you want to play or not without spending money.

  5. CaptainRAVE

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