StarOffice 8 Calc Programming

18 Oct 2002
Behind you... Naked!
Here is a simple one that I just cannot get at.

StarOffice 8 Calc has 3 sheets per file yes.

Well, I am using sheet 1 for sales, sheet 2 for purchases, and I want to use sheet 3 for a profit / loss sheet thats automatically adjusted for me.

Now, I dont need to know the basic spreadsheet info, I think I have pretty much anything I need to know for single sheets... Where I am at a loss however, is trying to take values from sheet 1 and 2 and get them up for me in sheet 3

Can it be done?

If it can, and anyone can help me here, but if you could possibly point me in *** right direction maybe and perhaps give me the syntax for a simple sum if possible?

For example, if you could say add CELL A1 from sheet 1 with CELL A1 from sheet 2 and have it printed up in CELL A1 in sheet 3 perhaps? just to help me in reading what the sheet cell info is from each page, cos I am utterly lost

Thanks in advance
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