SteelSeries Qck Prism safe to write / study on?

4 Aug 2003
North Down
Son getting a gaming PC and wants to buy (himself) a SteelSeries Qck Prism pad. This is the desk where he completes homework which will more often than not involve written work. Should this be OK. No experience of these pads at all.

Also which size is best? He has indicated that he would like the XL size, ie the strip which goes under the keyboard and the mouse. Which would take up almost the entire useable width of his work area.

If he would need to move the pad to study he would be better with the M sized one surely? Or if safe to write on, he may actually be better getting a desk sized one so it is a uniform surface?

17 May 2012
I mean I don't think it would be 'unsafe'. But I wouldn't want to use a pen on paper directly sat on a mouse mat, because it would feel horrible. If I am writing on my oversized mouse-pad (they sent a size up from what I ordered) then I use a hardback notepads that I always use anyway.

For gaming it depends on preference. I use a high sensitivity mouse, because I am too lazy to move my mouse far. Get him to play a game that he likes and se how far he likes to move his arm. Ideally without telling him what you are doing :p
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