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Storing passwords

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by AHarvey, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. AHarvey


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    So, what do you consider the correct way of storing a password?

    I'm looking a writing a little database app for a reason to code, it's a simple reference app that pulls insurers that cover odd items.

    Password will be stored in a MySQL database table but I know enough that basic text isn't the right way, I've heard MD5 isn't exactly secure either.

    Am I better off relying on the database to encrypt it or would using something in the software itself be the best way of encrypting and decrypting and just use the dbase for storage?

    I'm looking at a Python app saved as an exe so I'm aware Python can show code.

    Help :D
  2. kindai


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    A salted bcrypt with 10+ iterations.
  3. chroniclard


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    We generally use a salt and one way hash. Depends what the application is, banking app or just a low level website.
  4. billysielu


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  5. Dj_Jestar


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    You don't. Use a service like auth0.
  6. Cromulent

    Wise Guy

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    If you are going to be storing passwords, then I highly recommend using the Argon2 hashing algorithm as it protects against both CPU and GPU brute-force attacks. Whatever you do though, do not write your own implementation of a hashing algorithm or try and implement the spec without really knowing what you are doing.
  7. Ergates


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    A post-it note stuck to your monitor