Strange no boot/display issue. X570 tomahawk

30 Jan 2005
I switched on the pc I have at my girlfriends house yesterday. Put cinebench r23 on then walked away. When I came back half an hour later the pc was still on but no display.

I powered it off and on a few times, removed the CMOS battery for a while tried running a single stick of RAM, reseated the gpu, tried it in a different slot but nothing would wake the display. I had varying debug less VGA, Boot and sometimes no lights at all.

I took the system back to mine this morning to troubleshoot and it was doing the same thing. I swapped out the 2080ti for my GTX 780 and it fired straight into life. I thought this meant my 2080ti had died but I swapped it back into the system and now it all seems to be fine again .

Any ideas what might be the cause of it? I don't want to take it back to her house only for it to not work again.

I'm suspecting the motherboard because I'm on the latest ( beta) BIOS

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