streaming/recording microphone issue

18 Jan 2021
hi all i stream and make gaming content, i recently upgraded my mic due to having electrical interference, i upgraded to the yeti nano thinking all my problems would be solved and ended up bumping into more issues
the mic now pic up the sound of my keyboard which then i started to use RTX Voice to try and fix the issue now the main problem im now having is i cant see to get it all set up right were i sound professional , not pick up the sound of my keyboard, and not have my voice distorted if im loud or laugh,

ive tried a few stream group and no one seems to be able to help me with it,

also i record using shadowplay

so here what im thinking

do i change keyboard which i dont really wanna do

or do i upgrade to a XLR setup and buy a SM7B ?

any advice or help would be amazing as this issuse has plagued me for to long and starting to really annoy me.

here a clip for reference
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