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6 Mar 2008
Stoke area
Hi all,

Had an email from a work friend, I think I understand what she is saying but yes, I can build websites but I am totally lost with domains etc sO i thought I'd ask you guys:

emails says:

I seem to be having problems with fasthosts subdomains =(, my subdomain is only acting as a mask & using bloody framesets to redirect. So when anyone f5's it reloads the index page =/

All fasthosts have said is:
"The only work around for this is to point your domain to a different nameserver, to a host where you can create a real subdomain. And then you can point back the domain to our system via A-record and MX-record for website and email hosting"

So are they saying id have to pay for another domain & then use their 'subdomain' to point to that? .. if so why am i paying them for a service if I cannot create actual subdomains *confused look* .. or am i misundestanding the whole situation? lol

Anyone any advice for her or can answer her question?
13 Jul 2009
Coooeee .. that person would be me lol - Ive also had this back from fasthosts
Dear Customer,

The subdomains in our system are not considered real subdomains but rather just a web forwarding. If you would like to create a real subdomain then that is not something that is supported by our system, you will need to point your domain to another nameservers that supports real subdomain and create the subdomain on their end.

Now to try & get my 12 month contract ended early because theyre fibbings so-n-so's. What is the point in saying with a developer package you have 200 subdomains .. when really all you have is redirects :( - no doubt monday im in for a world of fun with their customer service dept lol
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