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Suggestions for what to put on website?

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by octechno95, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. octechno95


    Joined: Jan 24, 2013

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    I currently own a .com domain name related to my name. I used to have my own website which shared personal photos with family and friends which required them to login to view them. However, Facebook and Google Photos have since made this long redundant. I still use the domain mainly for Google Main but there's nothing on the website. Going to the website just goes to a default static page of the web hosting company. I have a technical background and I'm fully able to create a website in Wordpress, Drupal or something else but I don't want to maintain anything. I wanted to do something such that people would see something when they go there. The requirements are:
    1. I don't want it linked to something personal (i.e. don't want it linked to my Facebook page or LinkedIn Profile).
    2. I don't want to have to maintain anything. Having a static page is fine, but I want something I can just setup and then forget.
    3. Something that could be seen by even an anonymous user (i.e. no need to register).
    4. Something that would come across better than the default page of the web hoster (the only thing worse than the web hoster's default page is a 404 error or a static page that says "Under Construction" or "Coming soon".
    Any suggestions?
  2. touch


    Joined: Oct 28, 2006

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    I'd do a small puzzle game like notpr0n
    It'd be interesting to see if anyone actually tried to play the game.
  3. billysielu


    Joined: Aug 9, 2009

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    Location: Oxfordshire

    I have a personal domain which I previously used to host various sites but now I only use it for email.
    I decided I didn't really want personal sites now I do it for a job, so I redirected it to my LinkedIn.
    That's mostly fine, but it did have the consequence of people following old links to my anonymous site now finding my LinkedIn and some of them would send me LinkedIn messages. So I totally get your hesistance to do that.
    As for what you put there, maybe just a blank page, something that says there's nothing here anymore, maybe something fun, it's really just your preference.

    Something you might not have considered, but was important for me, was to go through the internet and try and get rid of your old stuff, such as:
    - removing your sites from the wayback machine
    - google searching for any links you might have posted and editing them
    - issuing google index removal of any webmaster who fails to remove your personal information from their site, if applicable.
  4. AHarvey


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    Copy Jenk.co.uk

    A member of ex-member of ocuk
  5. mrbell1984


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    Have a play about with different scripts, try some things in SQL/PHP e.t.c. :)
  6. MissJen


    Joined: Nov 28, 2018

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    If you are keen on learning new web techniques, use it as a playground. Whether it is script based or just trying out some fancy css3 animations, always useful to have a space you can practise these idea out in. :)
  7. mid_gen


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    How can it not be linked to something personal if the domain name is linked to your name?