Suitable upgrade?

11 Mar 2012
North East
Hi all,

Well its been a long time coming but i think I am about to venture back into pc gaming.I have not done this since AVP2 and Command and conquer generals sort of era!

For those interested one of the reasons is not playing games for enjoyment, but achievment points! which I tend to obsess over. Also I do wish to try some MMORPG's and Command and conquers not the same on a console.

I have two systems:

Gigabyte Z77-3DH (IIRC)
Kingston SSD now 30gb (old)
2Tb Samsung hdd
Intel G620 (temporary cpu)
Corsair Vengance Low profile 2X4gb DDR3 Ram
Coolermaster 550W modular PSU
NZXT 210 Elite Case
AMD Radeon HD5450 Silent
Arcitc cooler freezer 13 Pro
Compro T750 tuner
Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
Lite on blu ray drive
Rii mini wireless keyboard

Spare PC:
CIT Slim case
Asus P5ld2 VMDH
Intel Pentium 4 640 (3.2ghz with HT)
Corsair XMs2 2x1GB
Seasonic 500W
Old ge force oem 215
40gb hdd (sata)

My dilemma?
The HTPC seems the obvious to change into a gaming pc, but! its too big (case is epic) to fit in the back room. Also I have a probelm in the spare room.
Wifi its sketchy at best and I need the media pc to stream to my 360.
Also if i move the media pc i loose my blu ray player in bed room and tv.

With this in mind I decided the spare pc was best to upgrade, but the best cpu is an E6700.
This all seemed ok as going through all the games none were particularly taking.
Until I got to the new Command and conquer which uses the frostbite 2 engine and the suggested mimumum specs were miles higher!

Any suggestions would be awesome. Whatever I do will be an incirmental upgrade. But I will likely only wanting to spend £100 max on a gfx card (think my monitors max is 1080p)


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