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Switching Brand (driver cleaners)

16 Jun 2005
Back in the UK
Ok i need to scrub all refrences to ATI drivers and CCC from my PC so i can Install my freshly ordered 7800GS.

Ive done a quick google and seen a few programs that claim to clean out the reg etc.
Who has expereince any of them and who can suggest one?

Im not keen on letting some little exe go dipping into my reg without at least a recomendation from a complete stranger over the internet......

Someone whos done this before save me from a format and rebuild.
2 Apr 2006
I tried using Driver Cleaner to switch from an Nvidia Geforce4 to an ATI X1800XT. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 wouldn't recognise my joystick. Eventually I had to reformat the C: drive and reinstall Windows XP, which fixed the problem.

Try Driver Cleaner, you might be lucky, but you may find you need to reinstall Windows in the end.
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