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System Hanging

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Fr0dders, 15 May 2006.

  1. Fr0dders


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    Ok ive tryed the usual thing

    memory is fine
    nothing is overheating
    nothing specificly brings it on, it can just be anything general from videos to games to web browsing
    re-installed graphics and chipset drivers
    checked event log, nothing

    the system will freeze, then the video signal drops, then it will stay running (not restart, no BSOD) untill you turn it off. But it can not be brought back from the dead.

    tryed removing sound card and changing from audigy to onboard sound to no sound at all. didnt solve it

    my system spec hasnt changed in months, but its started doing this out of the blue in the last week or two and its not overclocked

    im running out of things to check !
    Last edited: 15 May 2006
  2. ichabod crane

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    i find that after a few months my pc begins to slow and stuff, so i just do re install every 8-9months
  3. Admiral Huddy


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    can you note your system spec please...

    Have you checked your hard disks for space and have you run a defrag on your windows partition? Do you run any cleanup utilties like webroot Washer?

    Running this frequently frees up quit a large amount of resources.

    Have you checked your page file size? It should be set to at lest 1.5 times your total physical RAM. A lot of people think because they have larger amounts of RAM, that they don't need as much paging but this is not the case.

    Also, I'm wondering if your CPU is throttling.. but that depends on what CPU you have. Throttling which is caused by the CPUs thermal detectors reaching a certain point. This can cause the system to slow down. Use throttle watch to check if this is occuring on your system.. www.panopsys/downloads.html