Tablet attached to a E-GPU

3 Jul 2019
Hi all,
I'm thinking of moving away from a conventional desktop PC and moving into something more portable....

I was thinking of going for a tablet with a thunderbolt port and attaching to an EGPU for gaming... I don't play anything big... warcraft, league of legends, DOTA... stuff like that really...

I'm kinda worried about the performance and any throttling that might occur as I've heard some manufacturers throttle the CPU for cooling...

A few tablets I had in mind:

Dell Latitude 2 in 1

Lenovo Thinkpad X1

HP Elite X2
Asus Transformer Pro

There's a list of tablets specifically with thunderbolt 3 here

What do you think?
30 Mar 2009
This is something I've been looking in to, but I've got pretty much nothing in terms of finding out people's experience. My hope is to treat the tablet like an extravagant Nintendo Switch.

I ended up buying this:

I wanted a convertible because I wanted to be able to rip off the keyboard if I wished and use it as a pure tablet.

Which is great but very expensive and has no expandable memory. I got the i7 version with 16GB and 512GB HDD to at least give me a sense of future proofing. I've not had a chance to push it to any extremes yet. I have to say, iTunes absolutely CHUGS the thing, but that is more iTunes and a huge library of tunes I would suspect. Ableton (music software) was running fine.

My HDD is crammed with about 350GB of music at the moment or so. I'll check out some actual gaming in the future. Plenty of benchmark reference material over at notebookcheck.

From what I understand, the next gen of mobile intel will offer some big CPU gains, so worth keeping an eye out.
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