Talk Talk Internet Problems

3 Mar 2004
All day our internet works fine, stays on all day, but at certain times at night it will just disconnect and we cannot get back on until the next morning, it will connect but then disconnect again straight away...and it is getting earlier and earlier every night, it used to be about 10 o clock, but lately it can get as early as 7

We have been on talk talk a while, it is ever since we had our line changed from BT to talk talk so that we can have this unlimited internet for life thing, im not sure exactly what its the girlfriends mum who sorted it all out

Anyone else had any problems, we have been ringing up like twice a week trying to get someone to sort it out or at least give us a reason as to why it is happening

I have ruled out anything to do with our PC because of the fact it works fine all day and then just dies and different times every night

Any help would be great as it is getting a tad annoying, especially when everyone gets in from work at like half 6 and all rushing to try and get on to check emails form work etc

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