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Thank you OC!!!

28 Sep 2020
I was one of those that ordered an MSI 3080 gaming x trio on the day of release at Overclockers,I knew they would be hard to get but I would've never of guessed the crazy demand that ensued.

Nevertheless I decided to wait and have faith in Overclockers to get my order sent out when they could.

I have been reading the update posts from Gibbo detailing what cards they have coming in and being sent out, keeping the community updated the best he could and they even gave out free upgrades to some card holders. I was one of those lucky people who got an upgrade to the MSI 3080 Suprim X, a card that I really really wanted but thought would be impossible to get. It was my birthday on the weekend as well so to get this product today was an amazing present!

Overall I just wanted to thank the staff at Overclockers for doing their best, I can't imagine how busy they must have been the last few months dealing with customer complaints etc but in my eyes they have dealt with the situation amazingly and I will be making sure I purchase more from OC in the future due to their professionalism and great customer service!

If you're still waiting for your cards then I would advise just to have a bit more patience, you will get your cards as soon as possible, and who knows you may even get a lucky upgrade too!
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